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Sharing our findings

It is essential to openly share the results of co-design events with the participants and the community.

To share our findings with the public, the team created summaries of the events and a detailed report of all the synthesized ideas from any of our co-design sessions. Documented notes were synthesized into written documents using a narrative/ storytelling approach, and all ideas were appropriately attributed to responsible groups. The written documents were posted on our website for open access for the participants and others that may be interested.

Artifacts and rough notes created by participants from our led co-design sessions were also incorporated in the online documents along with the reports and made available to the public. However, the artifacts and rough notes from our embedded co-design activities were not shared publicly as part of our agreement to protect the identity of participants in the community. For these co-design sessions, only the synthesized ideas were shared with the public. In addition to the public platform, the final reports were shared directly with our participants and their feedback was encouraged.


  • Integrate the participant contributions into a written document that can be shared with the public.
  • Determine the terms and conditions discussed with partner organizations to decide how much of the collected information can be made public.
  • Share the findings on a public platform that is easily accessible for the public.
  • Share the findings directly with participants and partner organizations.