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Define objectives

Defining the purpose of exploring a topic facilitates the development of a co-design process.

Once you have a topic, it is very important to work with your collaborators to clearly define your objectives and how a collaborative approach will help to achieve them. These goals can be refined as you go through the process. Your team can always refer back to these objectives to ensure your work is aligned with the goals you have established for your project.

There are situations where collaborators have different objectives in mind. These differences can impact the entire process, make it harder to develop activities, and lead to inconsistencies when communicating the project with your participants. If it is impossible to agree upon a shared set of objectives, try to plan multiple co-design events to address different goals with separate activities.


  • Determine the significance of this topic to you and others in the community.
  • Create a list of goals for this project from different perspectives.
  • Prioritize these goals, and select the top 3-5 objectives that you and your collaborators want to achieve through exploring this topic.