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Image Description for the Co-design Session #3 Group Discussion Whiteboard

Whiteboard with ideas generated during a large group discussion.

Hedgehog group

  • Consistent garbage collection
  • Footrest for bikers
  • Frequent dog relief stations
  • Paths for wayfinding
  • Path to where bike lanes are
  • Doors are always on the same spot in transit
  • Give priority to automatic doors

The A Team group

  • Based on consistency
    • Areas with up and down escalators → tactile marker to indicate direction
  • Large elevator system, not reliant on touch screens → railings of appropriate length
  • Consistency of stairs → Risers and treads always at the same place
  • Tactile and audio announcement → multimodal wayfinding

Challenging group

  • Consistency → street designed that stop signs & bus stops in the same place
  • Transit has varying places to get in/out
  • Construction sites→ hard to get around & never the same → no curb cuts
  • Apps for construction zones/closures
  • More audio things → where to tap for presto → better turnstiles
  • Taxis → hard to flag
    • Cant see meter, only uber has an app
  • More space to sit on sidewalk
    • Not in way to prevent tripping

Cats and Dogs group

  • Beacon technology → doors that slide based on beacon
  • Building surrounds no snow and ice
  • Tactile surfaces leading to elevator → or receptionist to help
  • Device that tells you verbally what’s around and guide you → ipad with map of building

Group#2 group

  • Clear wayfinders with multisensory
  • Co-design with lived experience
  • Textured edges → railings/ramps
  • Sensitivity training → know what to say
  • Equal access opportunities → elevators near stairs
  • System of monitoring how things are working
  • Contrast strips → illuminate edges/textured gradients
  • Curb cuts in center marked with colour/texture to get out of vehicle safely

Assorted Barrier Busters group

  • Cab pulling up to office building in January → ramp and road clear of debris → some vehicle that docks at cab for smooth transition/transfer which carries you into building → recall your accessibility preferences based on badge → app to be a local helper.

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