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Image Description for the Co-design Session #2 Group Discussion Whiteboard

Whiteboard with ideas generated during a large group discussion. Each group shared their urban experiences and the barriers they have encountered on the streets as well as some preliminary ideas/solutions to these issues.

Theme: Shared Spaces For All

  • less commerce focused
  • multisensory & allow for respite → zones changes in texture or airburst
  • who feels welcome & understand rules
  • terrible smells
  • welcoming for animals
  • build predictability

Harmony group

Theme: Managing Conflict

  • tourists/different needs
  • intuitive division
  • traffic signals → adaptable
  • construction management
    • coordinated
  • pedestrian overpasses
  • street furniture
  • allocate street for specific usages
  • fast pedestrian lanes
  • dynamic barriers
  • more prescriptive use of curbs
  • better management of intersections

Sweet Streets group

Theme: Lost & Found

  • how senses affect wayfinding
  • finding people & relying on their help
  • movable landmarks that are predictable
  • tech to make them found easily
  • fixed landmark for bearings (lights)
  • some consistency

Boulevard group

Theme: Shared 4 All

  • audio description (real time)
  • beacons & buttons
  • glasses for reading storefronts
  • improve google maps
  • eye contrast edging
  • tactile strips

Side Thought group

Theme: Lost & Found

  • remove fear & anxiety RE: getting lost & change
  • learning from current examples
  • provide some consistency through landmarks
    • S side of street has tactile landmark
    • use heat mapping to show where people go
  • difficulty reading signage → use pics & icons
  • how to get live info → to reduce anxiety
    • robots that roam around
    • value of people: crossing guard → always on N side
  • people plan where they go → how to help when things change
  • culture of city → only changing/dynamic in some areas
    • letting other areas know that they may be next to become dynamic

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