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Image Description for the Co-design Session #1 Wish Board

Surfing the Design group

Context: Street

  • Accessible pedestrian signals should be on crosswalks too
  • Lights activated as pedestrians cross the street
  • Colour code curb to clarify where people stand based on need
  • Feedback isn’t accessible: document need to be easy to understand and not too technical
  • More benches
  • Wider berths with raised bumps as well as designated priority? Area for people w/ disabilities and access needs

Fantastic Five group

Context: The Park

  • Explore or improve “311” Feedback system for parks
    • Things to incorporate: more volume, natural input mechanisms
  • Auto prioritization for feedbacks (receiving perspective)
  • Continuous update during feedback response process
  • Textual way-finding in parks (specific to wayfinding)
  • Give you a reward for # of problems you have reported that get fixed
  • Volunteer to help fix the problem (maybe engage student volunteer for credit)
  • Track stage of your feedback (both sides can see)
  • Information as public art
  • Park Ambassadors - student volunteers
  • Story telling beacons in parks for information on park amenities
  • Triage Feedback - present in same method

Dream Machine group

Context: Farmer’s Market

  • Privacy Options - Access to Services without relinquishing privacy - option to opt-out
  • Proactive vendors/quick response
  • Transparent data collection and most importantly non-tech human interaction for help
  • Accessible OMBUDSMAN when there is conflict or confusion - to mediate and identify solution with clear way to identify them (mediation)
  • Integrated, transparent communication system (from cleaners to emergency response) in Real-Time for live support
  • Transparent and accountable governance at all levels (cops, owner, government levels, who and how and responsive with action)
  • Food Governance at Market Level - labeling, and supply chain (transparent, coherent)
  • Accessible Rates to washroom - signage and includes when there are changes/construction
  • Better Accessibility Education - Beyond AODA (better public training)
  • Customized and specific, includes allergies for example
  • Transparent and posting on website - feedback, complaints, what complaints are, who they are from
  • Database on site with complaints, response, action
  • Legislation around transparent governance
  • Human interactions during emergencies rather than robots
  • Connected supply chain from vendor to consumer
  • Vendors and operators educated on food accessibility needs

Five, The Other group

Context: Shopping Mall

  • A visible way to see how the feedback is implemented
  • A place that learns from its usage and adapts to it
  • Having an entity/person responsible for the feedback. (Knowing who is responsible for certain spaces - architects, designers, owners, managers. Knowing where your feedback goes/lives. Humane/dignified wayfinding.)
  • Individualized feedback channel with different options, including: app, person, telephone, feedback box, text message, feedback board

416-LABB group

Context: Hospital

  • Hospital Services Feedback
  • Education - In location of hospitals/clinics
  • Use of tech, multiple locations, languages
  • Intelligent systems
  • Transparent Information on who runs hospitals and who is making decisions
  • Overnight staff specialists - complex, chronic (autoimmune), surgery and pharmacy
  • Organizational structure of institutions and outsourced services (private/public)
  • Feedback/information on when ambulance should be called and how much it will cost
  • Better design and service of public transportation to hospitals
  • More reasonable and affordable parking in hospitals
  • Develop policies to encourage walk-in clinics to provide service during irregular hours (clear information that guides efficient process)
  • (Community support group)
  • Provide access for transportations in the hospital (useful easy to understand language)
  • Public education about emergency health care
  • Finger/eye scanning system to replace health cards
  • Education for emergency + volunteer room staff on how to properly communicate with people in crisis
  • Public Education about accessing healthcare - prior and on location

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