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September 14, 2018

Hackathon Project Descriptions

We’ve gone through all of the great ideas from the co-design sessions and selected 8 of them to prototype at the September 21 Hackathon. For each one, we’ve prepared a design challenge, which lists the required features and intended use cases for the project.

For more details about the Hackathon, and to apply to take part, please see the Accessible City Hackathon Application announcement.

Project #1: Audible or haptic incoming traffic warnings @ intersections

An occupancy sensor (pressure sensor, camera, etc.) in the street that lets people know about someone approaching on a bicycle or car if they’re preparing to cross the street and / or currently in the street. Read more

Project #2: Tranquil Refuge

A place where people who need a physical or sensory reprieve from the environment can go to rest and recharge. Potential to give priority access to people with accessibility needs. Read more

Project #3: Construction Advisory Beacon Messages

An advisory message sent from a beacon informing people of construction impediment(s) on the path. Read more

Project #4: Self-driving cars for sub-emergency medical visits

A dependable audio interface for ordering non-emergency medical transport. Read more

Project #5: Augmented reality park feedback experience

Providing actionable information about a public park — features and amenities — and a means for reporting maintenance issues within the park to responsible parties in an accessible, easy manner. Read more

Project #6: Rumble Pavement

A dynamic audible/haptic indication of where the sidewalk (pedestrian-only section) ends and potentially dangerous bike or vehicular traffic starts. Read more

Project #7: Tactile Sidewalk Wayfinding Strip

A continuous tactile path on all sidewalks that provides wayfinding to and contextual, place-based information about the nearest transit stop. Read more

Project #8: AI Floor Describer

Auto-generate an audio description of a one-floor floorplan, including the elevators / stairs / washrooms / seating area / doors. Read more